One day in history

In Norway, the 22nd of July 2011 has etched itself into the collective and private memory forever. That day, a car bomb killed eight people and damaged the executive government quarter in Oslo. Few hours later, 69 young people were killed at a summer camp on the island of Utøya. The camp was organized by AUF, the youth division of the ruling Norwegian Labor Party.

Around 500 survived the massacre, of whom many were badly wounded. More than half of the survivors were children and youths under the age of 18. They have returned to their daily lives now. They go to school, they hang out with friends and they fall in love. They go to bed every night and look at them selves in the mirror in the morning. But something has changed. The young survivors will live on with their scars — both visible and mental — many of which may never fully heal.

This photography project by Andrea Gjestvang shows the survivors of the Utøya shooting. The portraits are very straightforward and emotional, showing the impact of such terrible event.

Andrea Gjestvang 01

Andrea Gjestvang 02

Andrea Gjestvang 06

Andrea Gjestvang 05

Andrea Gjestvang 04

Andrea Gjestvang 03

Andrea Gjestvang 07

Andrea Gjestvang 08

Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

This serie by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal shows us a fashionable animal world. The clothes match surprisingly well with the animals. Really strange to notice that an animal can look very human by only adding a garment.

Maki by Yago Partal Ostrich by Yago Partal Koala by Yago Partal Bull by Yago Partal

La Fille d’O – Shiny waves of shivers

Finally, our beloved lingerie designer Murielle Scherre is back with a new La Fille d’O collection. Normally Murielle uses very neutral colours, but this Summer our lingerie will pop! She chose a very warm yellow, with an orange undertone. The fabric can be used as underwear as well as a bikini, although some pieces might just be a liiiittle bit too revealing for your average day at the beach.

We were a bit afraid because yellow isn’t always the most flattering colour but this shade suits everyone, from tanned latinas to pale blondies. And, as we saw during the pre-sale in the shop, the lingerie looks great on all body types!

We already got our hands on a lovely yellow bikini and are totally ready for a tropical Summer! Want some candy too? Soon available online on La Fille d’O webshop!

shiny waves of shivers 01

shiny waves of shivers 02

shiny waves of shivers 03

shiny waves of shivers 04

shiny waves of shivers 05


shiny waves of shivers 06

shiny waves of shivers 07   

Dirt poster

This cool conceptual poster is designed by Roland Tiangco, they’re made to be handled and interacted with, not put on a wall and simply looked at. By applying spot varnish, the black pigment only sticks to certain parts of the poster.

dirt poster 01

dirt poster 02

dirt poster 03

dirt poster 04

dirt poster 06

Bunny ears over the years

We’ve all done it at one point, ruining a perfect picture with ‘bunny ears’. It exists for decades, from the very beginning of popular photography, and the blog Bunny ears over the years has decided to collect those pictures. We have chosen some of the older ones, how cool are they?!

Andy Denzler paintings

The work of painter Andy Denzler is special. It’s very intimate but also bizarre because of the “disturbed screen effect”, a stroke in the middle of the painting. The painted images are everyday situations, but they seem frozen in time, like long lost memories.

Natalie Daniels stationery

Nathalie Daniels’ idea for a corporate identity is genius and unique. It doesn’t have a very special design, but nevertheless she has the most amazing stationery. She used thermo sensitive ink, which creates a dynamic, ever-changing set. The ink reacts on body temperature, and actually makes the design ‘alive’. An eye catcher which will keep everyone fascinated and guarantees loads of fun!


Café Coutume

This project in Paris, Café Coutume, by CUT architectures is a great combination of vintage interior and modern design elements. The walls and architectural columns are old and weathered, while the lights and furniture give it a contemporary touch. Overall, it looks quite chique. The use of beige and brown makes it very warm and cosy, almost like home!

Perfect spot for a coffee and a good book.

Michelle Summers ceramics

We are very much in love with these ceramics by Michelle Summers. She has a unique style. The gorgeous colourful drawings are very graphic and cute at the same time, and give you instant hapiness!

She doesn’t consider her work as decorative,  and wants people to use them in everyday life. But just look at the pieces, and you will understand they’re too precious to risk breaking them. Despite what Michelle thinks, they’re all pieces of art!

Too bad they’re not for sale online.

Fantastic Frank

We think Fantastic Frank, a swedish real estate agency, really knows how to sell appartements and houses. They show their clients beautiful pictures of the places they sell. All of them very white and very nice decorated. A smart way of making sure that the client already feels home. Just look at these beautiful interiors!

The Apartment

The Apartment is a project by Studio Magnus Reed and Belgrad Creative. The apartment is located in Berlin, and is for rent for shoots. The whole building is amazing, but our favourite room is the kitchen. It’s light and big, modern with a touch of vintage. And a Smeg fridge! The perfect kitchen!

Fantasy islands

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but now we’re back. We enjoyed the Ghent festival last week, for ten days Ghent became one big street theatre. Too bad we’re having terrible weather over here in Belgium.

No worries though, we found the perfect photoshoot to give us that nice and warm summery feeling! Beach and sea, alloons, candy, pastel colours. What’s not to like?! Enjoy these photos by Roy Macam for Preview Magazine, with model Valerie Weigmann.

Lisa Hedge – Sarah and Scott wedding announcement

A lovely wedding invitation designed by Lisa Hedge. Classic and modern at the same time with a fresh pop of colour.

Other designs from Lisa Hedge on: www.lisahedge.com

Olivier Valsecchi – dust

Olivier Valsecchi’s photo series Dust pictures bodies in motion and accentuates the human form with dust. The simplicity of the image combined with powerful posing makes these photos very strong.

Wooden circles

We’re in love with these simple circle prints on wood by Sandra Thomsen, they’re the perfect minimalistic touch for your interior. It’s also a easy DIY, in whatever material and colour you want!