Chie Mihara

by søt

This shoedesigner was born to Japanese parents in Porto Alegre, Brasil. She studied succesfully fashion design at the Kyushu Design Gakkuin (Japan). When she was 22, Chie moved to New York and studied accessories design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and specialised herself in handbags and shoes. At the age of 27 this lady moved again, this time to Spain and got a job at Charles Jourdan, a french luxury line of shoes. Then in 2001 she started her own brand ‘Chie Mihara’.

Chie wants to offer women shoes that are femenine, beautiful and attractive but also are comfortable. Okay we know ‘comfortable’ is not a sexy fashionable word but let’s face it. Limping because your feet hurt in your pumps and discovering blisters after you took them off is also not that sexy. Chie Mihara her designs are inspired by vintage feminity from 1930’s and 1980’s humor. She takes details from the past and reworks them. It results in contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion.

But there is also good news for guys. Chie Mihara also designs classy shoes for them. We think the designs are very sophisticated and original without being too feminine or fashion forward.

Now, the brand has over 800 clients worldwide, including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges and Au bon Marché. But you can also find some of her designs at Asos. But as you might have expect, they aren’t cheap…

To visit her website, click here.