Forty-sixth at grace

by søt

Nikole Herriott, a Canadian girl discribes her blog Forty-sixth at grace as a savings account for things I like. And Nikole likes for example food, quality time with friends and family and all the little things that cross her path. She captures all of this in nice, pure pictures.

But more important, she also has a second blog Herriott Grace with an online shop linked to it. On the blog she shows what’s new in the shop and off course at the online shop you can buy her products.

The shop is a collaberation between father and daughter. The daughter being Nikole lives 3400 km from her dad and all their lives they send each other packages. That way they discovered they like the same sorts of things and wood is one of them. Some time ago her father started sending his own hand-carved spoons. Nikole loved them and she got the idea to share her fathers work with people who appreciate hand-made products and the craft that goes with it. So now father and daughter have their own online shop where they mostly sell wooden hand-made things.But also towels, cookie cutters, …