GHENT my city, my love…

by søt

We, søt-girls like our town. We think it’s the best city in the world! You may not agree but we don’t care, we love Ghent! :)

One of the reasons why this city is so nice are the many jumble sales. Or as we say in dutch: rommelmarkten. Such a nice word :) On the pictures below, you can see what I’m talking about. It’s just great to walk through a market on a sunny day. You expect to find a hidden treasure, you fear that you might not discover that beautiful piece. And the feeling of victory  when you found something that makes you happy and smiling!

(Pictures from Ghent Streetstyle)

Please take your agenda and write down some of our personal favorites:
– Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Sint Jacobs & Beverhoutplein, 8u13u
– June 24: Serpent- en onderstraat, 17u-22u
– June 25-26: Lange Violettestraat, 9u-18u
– July 10: Vrijdagsmarkt, 6u-18u
– July 16- 25: St-Jacobs & Beverhoutplein, 13u-22u (Gentse Feesten)
– August 14: Patershol, Oudburg & Sluizeken, 8u-16u (Patersholfeesten)
– August 27-28: Congreslaan & onafhankelijkheidslaan, 10u-18u
– September 11: Oude beestenmarkt, Vlasmarkt & Oude schaapmarkt, 8u-18u
– September 25: Vintage Design Markt, Vrijdagsmarkt, 6u-18u

If you have your own favorites, please let us know!
More jumble sales on uit in gent.