Thomas Dybdahl

by søt

Yesterday Thomas Dybdahl performed in the Botanique in Brussels. The Norwegian singer and his band played a fantastique show. It took place in a very romantic setting, the museum-room in the Botanique was decorated as a living room with comfortable seats, large carpets and christmas lights. The centre of the room was filled with the musicians and their instruments and the crowd took place around them. That way it became a really intimate show with a really enthusiastic band and lovely songs.

Thomas Dybdahls music makes me think of Norway. I lived their for 3 months when I was studying abroad and the music takes me back to that fantastic country and that great period in my life. The sound of his songs is very introvert and organic but also adventurous and out-going. And it goes perfectly together with the Norwegian landscape. Actually I think his music is at its best when you ride through Norway, when you can see the beautiful landscape and at the same time listen to the moving songs. But his music also works great when your just sitting in your living room with candlelight, in your bedroom when your covered with blankets and the rain tapping on your window or in bath with a nice glass of wine and a good book. Just give it a shot and enjoy!

For those who want to read or hear more of Thomas Dybdahl here’s a link to his website