by søt

When I was walking through the city yesterday, I passed the shop ‘Zoot’. And I discovered some very lovely shoes in their shop window. They appeared to be from the Californian brand ‘Seychelles’. I didn’t know that brand before so I visited their website and discovered their whole collection. Pretty,pretty I think!

Seychelle-shoes are designed for women who are independent and romantic. And have a talent to mix vintage elements with modern design. As their website stated: the Seychelles-girls are complex and glamorous beauties with equal parts sex appeal and intellect! She’s a dreamer and rebel and she is on a constant quest to find shoes that suit her mood. So if you fit the description search no longer, you have found paradise!

online shops:
Zoot (Serpentstraat 8, Gent)
If one of you knows other shops, let us know!