Yvette van Boven

by søt

This dutch lady makes us hungry! Her food illustrations capture the joy of cooking. Her work looks authentic and playfull, just the way we like our recipes. She keeps it playful without losing an eye for detail.

Her food stylings are also very yummie. Perfect lighting, lovely colours, great dishes and decorations which results in great pictures.

© ing-things.blogspot.com

Yvette combined her talents into her own cookbook: ‘Home made’. This cookbook has over 200 recipes and ideas for home made food. Such as making bread in the morning and creating some healthy lunch after that, or making ice without an ice cream machine. It’s all about doing everything yourself.

And just like the home made food, Yvette made everything herself in this book: she made her own fonts, illustrations, wrote all the recipes, prepared the food for the photographs and designed the book. Only the pictures were taken by her husband Oof Verschuren. It resulted into a nice alternative for ‘ons kookboek’ (Belgian version of The Women’s Institute cook book)!