2 days till Christmas: let’s make some food

by søt

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a big family dinner. Most people have their traditions, with turkey or some rich meat so we won’t bother you with a whole menu. We’ll just suggest you some nice, fancy drinks and bites!

Rose Prosecco cocktail

A nice starter instead of champagne is this Rose Prosecco cocktail. Very easy to make, since it only has two ingredients: prosecco and rose syrup. Basic, but with a little fruity and fresh touch!

Creamy mushroom crostini

This has to be one of the best possible appetizers to serve your guests, especially when accompanied with a glass of sparkling champagne. And best of all, it’s easy and quick!

Warm cabbage and apple salad

This cabbage and apple salad looks amazing, with vivid colours that brighten up your table. The recipe is quite simple, but you will amaze your guest with the special flavours!

Pink grapefruit and champagne sorbet

This dessert looks and sounds delicious, a pink grapefruit and champagne sorbet on top of lemon and verbena curd with lemon streusel and red currant jelly. The recipe’s over here. It looks like a lot of work, but you can choose to only make a part of the dessert.

Egg nog

This is not known in Belgium, but in the US egg nog is a tradition. It’s perfect to close the evening, as a replacement for coffee or hot chocolate.