1 day till Christmas: let’s choose an outfit

by søt

For this Christmas, we made two different outfits. One for the traditional family dinner, the other for a party evening out with your friends!

First is the family outfit. We have conservative grandparents, so nothing to crazy and certainly not too much skin. If you still want to show your inner fashionista, go for jewel box colours: ruby red, amethist purple, saffire blue, … Depending on what colour you’re going for, choose golden or silver jewellery. Add some matching crackle nail polish as finishing touch, and you’re ready to go!

The second outfit is the party outfit, for NYE or a fancy Christmas party. No better time to shine and sparkle than during the holidays so get out your metallic colours! They pop out even more when combined with black, and this leaves the option to go extra crazy with your accessories. We chose gold, and combined it with light blue jewellery. 3 pair of shoes: black stylish heels, crazy animal prints or comfortable flats for those who want to dance all night.