La Fille d’O – Shiny waves of shivers

by søt

Finally, our beloved lingerie designer Murielle Scherre is back with a new La Fille d’O collection. Normally Murielle uses very neutral colours, but this Summer our lingerie will pop! She chose a very warm yellow, with an orange undertone. The fabric can be used as underwear as well as a bikini, although some pieces might just be a liiiittle bit too revealing for your average day at the beach.

We were a bit afraid because yellow isn’t always the most flattering colour but this shade suits everyone, from tanned latinas to pale blondies. And, as we saw during the pre-sale in the shop, the lingerie looks great on all body types!

We already got our hands on a lovely yellow bikini and are totally ready for a tropical Summer! Want some candy too? Soon available online on La Fille d’O webshop!

shiny waves of shivers 01

shiny waves of shivers 02

shiny waves of shivers 03

shiny waves of shivers 04

shiny waves of shivers 05


shiny waves of shivers 06

shiny waves of shivers 07