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The Brain by Olson Kundig Architects

This house, called The Brain, is a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory made by Olson Kundig Architects. It is a concrete box, intended to be a strong yet neutral background that provides complete flexibility to adapt the space at will. The house has a very industrial feeling and almost looks like a bunker. The inside is amazing, and we are fans of the huge library and the view. Just imagine waking up there every morning!


Corallo House

This Casa Corallo by PAZ Arquitectura, a Studio from Guatemala, is the perfect example of how nature can be perfectly integrated in a house. The casa is situated in the middle of the forest, and it fits there amazingly well. The raw concrete and wood look good in the natural environment. The use of a tree as a center piece in the living room gives you even more an outside feeling.

Great forest bath

This dream house is called Great forest bath, and is a design by Kyoko Ikuta Architecture, a Studio from Japan. It is the perfect house when you need to get away from the busy city. Big, bright and situated in the woods… What more do you need?

Apartment in Spain – Anna Noguera

This cosy home is the work of Spanish architect Anna Noguera. It’s a building from the sixteenth century that has been restored into a modern and unique apartment. It still has an ancient feeling because of the raw materials like the stone walls and simple shapes. It’s very light and looks comfortably warm. The perfect integration!

Green terrace

Architect Brad Zizmor bought a small and dark house, and renovated it. The most beautiful part is his garden, he transformed his small terrace into a nice green outdoor space. A perfect combination between the plants and the wooden structure. It takes away the feeling of being in the middle of the city. The vertical garden is perfect for those who haven’t got the place for a real garden, but who’d still like a lot of plants.

The Lowline Project

It’s amazing to see what great minds can do. The Lowline Project, for instance, is one that can change city life. Architects James Ramsey and Dan Barasch want to convert an unused trolley terminal into an extraordinary subterranean public park– nicknamed the “LowLine”. The images look very promising, and it’s a nice alternative for the disappearing parks.

House in Barcelos, Portugal – Rui Grazina

This modern house, designed by Rui Grazina seems to have been implanted in its green surroundings. The architect explains:‘The goal was to produce spaces open to the landscape and the views, but also secluded and isolated ones,’  ‘The transitions between inside and outside were very important, as they generated interesting spatial events.’

The wavy area of the site was a challenge to build on but at the same time it inspired the architect and defined the result. That’s also why on its western side, the house only shows one floor, with the social areas and on the east, you can see two floors with the private rooms on top. Finally an outside staircaise/hallway unites exterior and interior.

Photos courtesy Nelson Garrido

House in Maebashi – Tsuduri no ie

This house in ‘Maebashi – tsuduri no ie’ ‘house in maebashi – tsuduri no ie’, a single storey dwellingin an old residential district of Gunma, Japan. It’s incredibly light, which contrasts with the dark exterior of the house. The inside is clean with a beautiful wooden floor and furniture. Pivoting around a bright and well-ventilated inner courtyard, the design arranges the internal programs in a pinwheel-fashion to create a flowing connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Lighthouse 65

This ‘Lighthouse 65’ is designed by Winchester-based firm AR design studio and is situated on an island south of the UK. The transparant cube on top is the main entrance, and it illuminates in different colours to serve as a lighthouse for passing boats. A glowing red light represents sudden drop in atmospheric pressure leading to storms while green illustrates fair weather.  A spiral staircase leads to the rest of the house, which has an industrial feel because of the steal and concrete. Most rooms have a magnificent view on the ocean. The combination between industry and nature is very special, and gives the house a surreal feeling.

Treehouse in Brooklyn

Alexandra Meyn, born in New Orleans and now living in New York, designed her own treehouse. It started as a project that helped her remaining upbeat while searching for a job as an interior designer. But while working on her special house, she thought herself some practical design skills, such as working with a thight budget, balancing an ambitious blueprint with reality, … She decorated the house with photographs from magazines and nostalgic decorations. The result is a rustic, weathered and funky treehouse. Alexandra may still be looking for a job (which is quite a shame), but she can certainly be proud of her lovely treehouse!

South Yarra House

This amazing house in Victoria, Australia is designed by LSA Architects. The interior and exterior are linked because of the orange-red colours, which makes it one whole. We love how the bar material is the same as the outside of the building.

Allandale House – A Cabin of Curiosities

A-frame houses were popular in the fifties and sixties, and most of those houses look very old-fashioned. The Allandale House, designed  by William O’Brien Jr, is one of the rare modern A-frame houses. Somehow this weird building fits perfectly in the idyllic green surroundings.

The house is designed as a vacation destination for an idiosyncratic connoisseur and her family. It provides space for an eccentric collection of artifacts that resist straightforward classification.

Suppose design office

This house in Moriyama is a typical example for Suppose Design Office‘s style. The outside is very raw, often just a concrete rectangular shape. The interior is very bright, white and natural colours, with a lot of glass.

We particularly like this house. It looks like a container, next to the construction site, but inside it has a very loft-ish feeling. The plants and trees make it a cosy and special. We doubt this building is easy to live in, but hey, it will impress your friends!

The barcode house

Totally in love with the Barcode house in Washington DC, designed by David Jameson. As you might expect from the name,this house is inspired on barcodes. Lots of black and white, and lines. There’s absolutely no privacy, but who wouldn’t brag with a house like that.

Villa Nyberg

This house doesn’t only look special, it ìs special. Villa Nyberg is situated in Borlänge, central Sweden, and is a passive house.

Passive houses are extremely well-insulated buildings that are largely heated by the energy already present in the building – people and our household equipment generate a lot of energy. Basically, the house is build adapted to the movement of the sun. It effects the way you live in the house, during the day one will move from room to room around the building experiencing different views and daylight conditions.

It’s eco-friendly ànd it looks nice!