Hollie Chastain collages

Hollie Chastain is an illustrator who makes cheerful reto collages. Funky old photos mixed up with pastel colours, available as cards and prints in her etsy shop. Instant hapiness!


P.H. Fitzgerald

Beautiful portraits shot by Parker Fitzgerald. Great colorpalets, interesting models and a dreamy atmosphere. Quite difficult to make a small selection…
Also check his blog and take a look at the pictures he took on his roadtrip from Texas to Oregon and the Kinfolk dinner series. Very pretty!

Benedikte Ugland’s Stockholm home

This 60th century building in Stockholm is home of interior designer Benedikte Ugland and his two daughters. It’s personally decorated with details such as raw concrete, old and new furniture, industrial lighting and other great flea market finds.

We’re fan of the great decorations, such as the lamps, photos and skulls. They give the rooms a warm feeling and personal style.

Painting please!

Lovely painting series by Leslie David for a special birthday issue of Please! Magazine. Happy paint colours on top of lovely neutral fashion pictures, great idea!

Dorothee Golz

Dorothee Golz, a Vienna based artist, uses classic portrait paintings by implanting them on modern bodies. Here are some great examples:

Bubblegum installation

Sometimes a very simple idea can make a lot of difference. The Bubblegum installation by Renee Reijnders and Merijn Hos a beautiful example. The colourful bubbles give the otherwise boring surroundings a playful and dreamy look. Just imagine swimming between them!

Atelier BangBang

BangBang workshop is a versatile graphic company. Firstly it’s a screen printing workshop but also a design agency and a experimentation studio. When visiting the website you will notice the big range of products such as envelopes, matches, stickers, towels, tees, … Quite a lot to choose from and the owner Simon Laliberté, wants to deliver a high quality service. He is intended to make Atelier ‘BangBang’ a reference to Montreal in the field of screen printing and design.

I am a food blog

It has been a while since we talked food, but now we discovered the amazing site I am food blog. Great photography and typography, and delicious food. See for yourself!

Very French Gangster

This brand designs eyewear for kids. The collection is divided into three categories. First we have ‘very boss’ for boys and girls. This categorie contains chic glasses for little bosses. Next there is ‘very bombe’ with feminine glasses for stylish little ladies.  The last categorie, called ‘very panpan’ has very pretty, retro designs for the goofy girls.

More cool glasses on veryfrenchgangsters.com.

JB&SH Apartment

Normally, clean and white interiors make it to our blog, but sometimes a little mess can be equally beautiful. Jessica Barensfeld (jewellery designer) and Simon Howell (photographer) are masters of messy rooms. Their beautiful Brooklyn apartment has big and white rooms, with a lot of wood, art, plants and lots, LOTS of old tiny stuff. It’s absolutely perfect!

Calgary Zoo annual report

Sometimes, design can created from one simple idea. This was the case for the Calgary Zoo’s 2012 Annual Report, designed and produced by Trigger. The Calgary Zoo has always been a leader in ani­mal and envi­ron­men­tal con­ser­va­tion. So when they needed a design for their 2012 annual report, Trigger decided to show­case the Zoo’s con­ser­va­tion efforts with a one page, one ink annual report printed on 100% post-consumer newsprint. And to help con­serve design hours, two design­ers and two art direc­tors col­lab­o­rated on the layout.

Hide and Seek by JUCO

This project Hide and Seek is a personal narrative by JUCO (Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud). Sometimes all it takes are beautiful surroundings and impressive interiors. More on Behance.

Fabricate by Dean West

“I must have a body: it is a moral necessity, an ‘obligation’. And, first of all, I have a body because there is something dark in me.” – G. W. Leibniz

Normally we’re always drawn to light and bright pictures, but Dean West‘s work is too amazing not to notice. He harmoniously connects beings and spaces of an imaginary dimension, with semblants, languid creatures, charmant and dark. Leibniz asserted that the soul was an obscure and inner process, inaccessible, but this dark nature required a body, a surface, a mask.West’ work perfectly places in the Leibniz’ thoughts, because of the effort to join the inside with the surface.

The Brain by Olson Kundig Architects

This house, called The Brain, is a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory made by Olson Kundig Architects. It is a concrete box, intended to be a strong yet neutral background that provides complete flexibility to adapt the space at will. The house has a very industrial feeling and almost looks like a bunker. The inside is amazing, and we are fans of the huge library and the view. Just imagine waking up there every morning!

The real cookbook

Books can be real pieces of art, but Geman design agency Korefe‘s The real cookbook is one of the most genius ideas we’ve ever seen! This cookbook is edible and readable, made with 100% fresh pasta. It can be opened, filled with ingredients and finally cooked to make the Italian classic, lasagne. Perfect gift for food-loving friends!